La Barraca d'Aguas Vivas - offers you a peaceful, stressless lifestyle

La Barraca Villas is situated within the pueblo of La Barraca d'Aguas Vivas, often referred to as simply La Barraca.
This web site has been set up to primarily assist residents, predominately ExPats, sell their villas. Many have lived here for several years and now either wish to experience another area of Spain, relocate within the European Union e.g. France or Germany or to simply to return to the United Kingdom where they can spend their latter years much closer to their family.

Unlike many Spanish Estate Agencies, La Barraca Villas only charge the seller a commission for introducing a buyer. Many Spanish Estate Agencies charge both the seller and the buyer. Take our case, as an example,, when we relocated here in 2002, the estate agent in question Cuspide (Gandia) wanted to charge both ourselves and the seller 4% of the selling price each. The simple mathematics meant that Cuspide wanted to charge, in total, a whopping 8% of the selling price - a quite staggering sum equating to over one twelfth of the purchase price of our villa. Like many other ExPats we were caught in a trap our not having realised that the buyer was also charged a commission. Our lawyer finally negotiated a lower commission fee of 2%, but nevertheless we were still very unhappy that we, as buyers, should have had to pay anything whatsoever.

La Barraca Villas charge our Client sellers just 1.00% of the selling price, which we believe to be the lowest commission fee, certainly within the Communidad of Valencia, if not the whole of Spain.

Individuals interested in buying a property, having first provided their contact details to ourselves, can often speak to the sellers directly. As our Clients live locally to us, communication between yourselves and them is much facilitated.

Buying properties in the La Barraca area truly offers buyers the very best of both worlds, La Barraca is predominantly a quiet, sleepy village (pueblo) which allows you to enjoy a vitually permanent state of tranquility and peacefullness in your villa. You simply govern the pace of life to exactly how you wish to spend your time. Take peaceful, stressless days in your villa, lounging by the pool, or, when you feel the need for a more vibrant, energetic time, get in the car and visit Valencia, Benidorm or the numerous seaside towns and villages which lie along the coastal road (N 332) e.g. Gandia, Oliva, Denia, Javea to the South and Cullera to the North - all thriving environments which lie within an hour to an hour and a halfs drive of La Barraca. If you wish to "get there quickly" you can always access the A7 (toll motorway) at the Xeresa/Xeraco junction, which is a five minute drive south of Tavernes del Valldigna..The A7 motorway goes from the south coast of France to Southern Spain.

As we have lived locally, in La Barraca d'Aguas Vivas, for many years we know our way around the locality and would therefore be able to assist any newly arrived purchasers to find a plumber, an electrician, a builder, to visit the much acclaimed university hospital of La Ribera in Alzira, to find a dentist, or to find a Bank etc.For the record there is actually a small private hospital in La Barraca d'Aguas Vivas.